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You should both consider the competent running of your business not only a moral obligation to any creditors outstanding, but also the wise and proper thing to do

        Let them so shape their lives and regulate their conduct that no charge of secrecy, of fraud, of bribery

    or intimidation may, however ill-founded, be brought against them

           Every business company should be established on divine principles. Its foundations should be                                              trustworthiness, piety and truthfulness in order to protect the rights of people


           It behoveth  ye all so to to adorn your inner and out beings that, robed in trustworthiness, girt with                 righteousness and arrayed in truthfulness and rectitude, ye may become a means for the exaltation                                                         of  the Cause and the education of the human race


           It [rectitude of conduct] must be constantly reflected in the business dealings of all its members, in                their domestic lives, in all manner of employment, and in any service they may, in the future, render                                                                            their government or people

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