Webinars/Seminars for Corporations

                     in 19/20/21 


These seminars were held twice in 2019 at North Shore Law Firm.    


 Seminars were mostly positioned at:


  • Small Corporations

  • Incorporated Professionals

  • Trust Companies

  • Private Bankers

  • Business Consultants

  • Incorporated Realtors (PREC Holders) & Incorporated Lenders (Mortgage Brokers)

  • Businesses which have been advised by their tax consultant(s) to incorporate  

  • CPAs & Accountants

  • Tax & Estate Lawyers, Trust Lawyers

Organizer: Payam Ala'i, Associate Degree  BCIT School of Business 

LLQP (Life Insurance)

Past CSC & CPH (Canadian Securities)


I worked as an investment advisor with TD Waterhouse Wealth from 2008-2010, and now in the life insurance/investment industry since 2013. 

Focus: Corporate Risk Mitigation Strategies 





1. Speaker: Senior Financial Advisor: Ms. Micheline Varas   BA, RHU, RFC, EPC, GBDS, CEA

 "Corporate Risk Mitigation Strategies" also referred to as "Corporate Asset Transfer Concepts" and Estate         Planning



2. Speaker: Business Lawyer: Mrs. Pararin Rahmani

Practice Areas: Business Law       


North Shore Law

 Handouts distributed:


  • Estate Planning Checklist, Fin. Advisor

  • Corp. Estate Optimizer, Fin. Advisor

  • Corp. Asset Transfer Plan, Fin. Advisor

  • Estate Planning, Business Lawyer 

  • Financial Planning Checklist for Business Owners, Fin. Advisor

  • Tax & Estate Planning: Personal Rates, Corp. Rates, Personal & Corp. - Combined, Fin. Advisor

  • Corp. Asset Transfer Plan, Fin. Advisor

  • Estate Planning & Corp. Risk Mitigation Strategies, Business Lawyer 


We conducted one webinar in 2020


Subject: IPPs (Individual Pension Plan). A plan for 40+ who are highly compensated professionals, incorporated professionals, and business owners. Benefits + tax efficient.

  • Speaker: Senior Investment Consultant, Mike Jackson   RBC Insurance

  • Speaker: Actuary, Spencer McCaig   Westcoast Actuaries

Our strategy for 2021 is no longer conducting webinars/seminars, but to have one-on-one zoom meetings

SUBJECT: ways to - tax shelter Withdrawals from your Company, accumulate tax-sheltered funding within your Company for retirement or succession




The above financial concepts are sold to your corporation only after your accountant or/and tax lawyer has confirmed it. 

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Cash Flow & Risk Mitigation Solutions for Corporations 


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