CASH FLOW & TAX RISK MITIGATION CONCEPTS                                     for Corporations  

We will assess your risks incl. liquidity, succession, tax, reputation risks, etc. 

Through certain strategies and concepts using insurance products, we are able to provide cash flow for your corporation.


If your corporation has retained earnings or excess working capital parked in your operating company or holding company, bringing it out as dividends is going to cost you a lot tax wise.


We'll help you implement a strategy creating tax advantage dividends (tax-free dividends & tax-deferred dividends) 


We eventually work with our clients' accountant or/and lawyer to get their approval. Our CAs and/or tax lawyers who have been working in the insurance industry for many years are on top of insurance and corporate taxation will send necessary documentation, etc. to your tax consultants. This is a free of charge service if we see the corporation serious.


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The above is sold to your corporation only after your accountant or/and tax lawyer have confirmed it. 




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Cash Flow & Risk Mitigation Solutions for Corporations 


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