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Our philosophy is educating clients, and get them involved in the decision-making process.  





As independent insurance/investment advisors, we will search for your suitable/desired product through several carriers considering your budget and the analysis result of your financial/health/family situation. This is also true for your corporate structure.


The business was found by Payam Ala'i in 2013. As a team, they focus on few corporate strategies more than others due to their interest, exposed market, and experience.  


Payam's experience working as an investment advisor was from 2008-2010 at TD Waterhouse Wealth. The full brokerage house business was advice on stocks, bonds, debentures, ETFs (indexes), mutual funds, hedge funds, REITs (Real Estate Income Trusts), derivatives, etc.





             We do business the old-fashioned way - by word of mouth


                   Please introduce us if you are satisfied with our services





Cash Flow & Risk Mitigation Solutions for Corporations 


604 892-0131

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