Financial Advisor

Associate Degree, BCIT School of Business

LLQP Licensed, Past (CSC, CPH), BC


I hold a Marketing Management Associate degree in Entrepreneurship from BCIT School of Business. My initial option at the same business school was Operations Management concentrating on both services & manufacturing. Eventually I ended up in Finance.


Beside the full LLQP exam to get licensed as a life insurance advisor, my education on financial products to become a licensed investment advisor with TD Waterhouse Wealth is: writing the Canadian Securities Course exam known as CSC which is the equivalent to series 7 in the U.S., the Conduct Practices Handbook exam known as CPH as for compliance, and a series of TD Waterhouse Wealth's internal exams. I had three months of training at TD Waterhouse Wealth and flew two times to Toronto once for a month and another for a week of training.



Area of Passion in the Insurance Industry:


My passion is "Corporate Asset Transfer" concepts, and that is my main niche market.


We create cash flow through tax advantage dividends which include tax-free dividends and tax-deferred dividends. We also mitigate risks incl. tax risks for corporations. 


We eventually work with corporate client's CPA or/and lawyer to obtain their approval. Our tax lawyers and/or CPAs who specialize in corp. taxation and insurance taxation will provide documentation and explain concepts to your tax advisors. Our tax professionals will communicate with your corporation's CPA/Tax Lawyer free of charge.




I have a variety of business experience both from my homeland Iran and Canada:



I found and operate Ala'i Risk Management Investments since 2013. Details above. I've been in the financial services industry for 9 years as for life insurance and investments prodcts/concepts.

Other experience:

Investment advising with TD Waterhouse Wealth, owning/operating Ala'i International Business Services Corp., business planning, commercial real estate (finding investors), pre-paid legal services.





Real estate builder, partner/director in few small corporations (services & manufacturing), real estate & real estate law.




  • English: Full professional proficiency

  • Persian (Farsi): Native or bilingual proficiency



As a family, we chose to live in Squamish, BC (outdoor recreation capital of Canada) because of our lifestyle and being in between Vancouver and Whistler.  





Ski: Coaching & Ski Instructing (dual licensed), ski racing: SL & GS 

Water Ski: SL

Variety of sports for fitness purposes

Chess & backgammon





Elimination of Extreme Poverty, Mental Heath Awareness (stats are staggering in the workforce due to our industry's research).




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Cash Flow & Risk Mitigation Solutions for Corporations 


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