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A Tribute to Thornton Chase (1847–1912)


In 1897, Chase used an editorial commending of the insurance agent association for "inviting men in various walks of life to its banquets to speak to the members on topics that inspire, elevate, and encourage", and expands on the theme, quoting his words:

"we shall keep the laws of humanity with heart and act, helping men to help themselves, teaching them

the beauty and wisdom of unselfishness, of laboring for others, of providing a certain hope for their own futures, of protecting those dependent on them, even after earthly interests shall cease."


Chase published a booklet called Sketches that explains why people should purchase life insurance

for themselves, using stories to illustrate its major points.


Chase took a step in the process of implementing teaching of the equality of women and men. He was the author of "The Baha'i revelation" book.


In 2002 a full biography on Chase was published by Robert H. Stockman and websites have had entries about him since. In 2020, a film on his life was produced by Misaq Kazimi and Sam Baldoni titled "Steadfast".

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