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"Injury-Only" Income Replacement

  • Only pay for what you need

  • Affordable  

  • No medical exam

  • Portable

  • Injury inside and outside of workplace

  • Up to 75% of gross active income

  • Possibillity of adding sickness rider 

Replacing the most valuable asset, ability to generate revenue



  • Business owners, who are more comfortable paying lower premiums until they become more established in the business or profession

  • Employees, topping up expensive disability insurance (DI) & WSBC

  • Professionals


  • Tradesperson, except those in high risk trades

  • Recreational non-hazardous sportspersons e.g.: ​In-bound Alpine Skiing


- Ski hills are not liable for accidents even if hill

is at fault. This is written on the disclaimer you accept,

a legally binding agreement  












                         We do business the old-fashioned way-by word of mouth

                   Please introduce us if you are satisfied with our Services


                           604 892-0131







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